The most acclaimed novel of the Northwest timber wars
We do this a little differently

Ready to order? We do this a little differently.

Weíre concerned with how book publishing, distribution and sales work these days.

We donít believe the dominance of these enterprises by transnational corporations is serving the free flow of ideas, the creative process, community-based businesses, the basic principles of democracy and fair compensation, or readers in general. Actually, if you exclude the shareholders of a remarkably small number of associated companies, we canít think of anything or anyone who is well-served by the current publishing system.

We have attempted to keep Forest Blood outside of that system every step of the way. That includes the decision not to enter a "merchant account" relationship with any financial corporation, which in turn means that we donít take credit cards. We hope that doesnít pose an inconvenience, and we know that it wonít pose any risk on your part, because you can choose to wait until you receive the book(s) before paying.


Prices for Forest Blood:

1 copy $18 ($15 cover price plus $3 S/H)

Additional copies add $12 per copy (no additional charge for S/H)

For teachers and reading groups:

1 case (28 copies) $200 (S/H included)

Orders greater than one case: contact


Submit address and number of copies wanted, and any request for authorís signature to

1) Golden Communications
PO Box 1232
Ashland, OR 97520

(If you choose to include payment at this time, please make check or money order out to "Golden Communications")


2) email to

[Note: if any non-profit organization first referred you to our website, please let us know its name and address or website, so that we may recognize them appropriately]

Thank you for your interest in Forest Blood, and in accountable ways of doing business.